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Tribute Selective Turf Herbicide


Tribute Selective Turf Herbicide

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Product Overview

Tribute Herbicide from Envu brings you confidence in knowing you are using the best. One of the most effective post emergence herbicide available to control cool season grasses and Crowsfoot Grass in Couchgrass.

Tribute is a new sulphonylurea turf herbicide containing the active ingredient foramsulfuron.
The product selectively removes unwanted cool-season grasses from warm-season grasses.

Tribute effectively controls grasses such as Crowsfoot Grass, Winter Grass and Ryegrass.
Registered for use on tolerant warm-season grasses such as Couchgrass.

Product Description

It selectively removes unwanted cool-season grasses from warm-season grasses. Tribute effectively controls grasses such as Crowsfoot Grass, Winter Grass and Ryegrass. Registered for use on tolerant warm-season grasses such as Couchgrass.

Key Product Facts  

> Different mode of action for resistance management using a new suphonylurea turf herbicide 

> Offers the greatest turfgrass tolerance compared to alternatives

> Tailor made solutions in a single application: It can be used with Destiny and Spearhead for broad spectrum weed control

> Cell division and weed growth stop within hours of a Tribute application

Use & Safety

When to use

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Where to use

Golf Bowls Turf farms

Application rates and delivery

Safety instructions
  • May irritate the eyes, avoid contact
  • Irritates the skin, avoid contact
  • If product gets in eyes, wash them immediately with water
  • If product is on skin, immediately wash with soap and water
  • When handling, wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist, a washable hat and elbow-length chemical-resistant gloves 
  • Wash hands after use
How to use
  • Tribute is foliar absorbed.
  • Ensure spraying equipment is properly calibrated before use.
  • It must provide complete and even spray coverage of all weeds. 
  • DO NOT overlap sprayed areas.
  • Irrigation is not recommended immediately after application. 

Rate of Application

  • Apply a minimum of 200 L/ha through a nozzle that delivers a medium spray droplet.
  • Use higher spray volumes (up to 500 L/ha) for dense weed populations or under adverse growing conditions.

  • Tribute can be used any time that weeds are present.  Speed of removal depends on air temperature. Warmer temperatures lead to faster removal.
  • DO NOT apply if heavy rain has been forecast within 48 hours. 
  • DO NOT apply to waterlogged soil. 
  • Two or more applications of Tribute 7 to 14 days apart may be needed to control some grasses.

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