Winter Grass

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Winter Grass - Bayer Golf Management
Species category: Grasses

Scientific name: Poa annua

Winter Grass – What is it?

Winter Grass is a low growing turf grass. It appears as a bunch or can be a slightly spreading, winter annual weed. Some subspecies exist that are short-lived perennials which are particularly evident in bentgrass golf greens.

Winter grass is widespread throughout Australia and is a significant weed problem in many situations.

It has a pale green colour with smooth leaves that are finished in a blunt point. The leaves are often soft and drooping and Winter Grass can reach 20-30cm.


When does Winter Grass occur?

Winter grass requires a significant amount of light to germinate, and the optimum temperature range is from 10 to 16°C. The common Winter Grass name derives from its preference for cooler temperate climates in Australia.

It can establish itself at any time during the year but is particularly prevalent in winter and spring.


What damage or effect will Winter Grass have?

Despite its weed categorisation, some varieties can commonly be found on many putting greens.

It is a very common weed in lawns and gardens, and is widespread. Poa annua is characterised by its prolific seed production which makes it a challenge to control. The seeds rapidly germinate and it will grow very aggressively.

On turf, it can be aesthetically displeasing but also cause patches and disrupt the quality of the playing field.

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