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Specticle Herbicide


Specticle Herbicide

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Product Overview

Specticle Herbicide is for pre-emergent control of various weeds in turf and for maintenance of bare ground in various situations such as paths, driveways and ornamental plant production facilities. Watch the video below to learn more.

Key Benefits

  • Superior turf quality and playability
  • Longer residual control
  • Easier application scheduling
  • A significant step for resistance management (new mode of action)
  • A significant reduction of herbicide placed in the environment
  • No concerns about stains or odour

Use & Safety

Where to use

Turf Golf Park Sportsfield Ornamentals

Application rates and delivery

As a pre-emergent herbicide, Specticle should be applied before weed seeds germinate.

1. Best practice is to irrigate with 3-6mm water as soon as practical after application.

2. Adequate soil moisture is needed to activate Specticle and provide maximum control. Clean-up with caution The sprayer must be thoroughly decontaminated before being used again to spray susceptible plants or turf. Ensure that the following operation is carried out in an area that is clear of waterways, desirable vegetation and tree roots, and preferably in an area where drainings can be contained.

See Product Label for further instructions.                           

Specticle is not expected to control weeds that have already emerged prior to application or perennial weeds emerging from rhizomes and roots.

Specticle may affect sensitive grasses down slope from treated areas after excessive rainfall. To minimize effects on sensitive grasses, irrigate after application as directed on the Specticle label. Local conditions such as soil compaction, slope, amount and timing of irrigation or rainfall and sensitivity and growth stage of non-target plant species may affect the severity of damage. 

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