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Ryegrass - Bayer Golf Management
Species category: Grasses
Scientific name: Lolium

Ryegrass – What is it?
Believed to originate from more temperate climates in Europe and cooler parts of Asia and Africa, Ryegrass has both annual and perennial species. They appear in bunches and have long leaves which are folded at the base and grow to a tall, spiked tip.

As the leaf matures, it ranges in colour from bright vibrant green to a much deeper, darker green colour. The leaf is hairless and flat with evenly spaced ridges that run the length of the leaf.

When does Ryegrass occur?
Ryegrass can occur as a wild weed, or when warm season turf is over-sown with ryegrass to provide an acceptable winter playing surface.

It is quite commonly found in warm season turf such as parks, sports fields, golf fairways and tees.

It flourishes in more temperate conditions but growth can be restricted by higher summer temperatures.

What damage or effect will Ryegrass have?
Often used as an effective pasture grass and also considered an acceptable winter turf grass, Ryegrass can be difficult to control. It rapidly germinates and can be highly resistant to a number of different control techniques.

It will quickly take hold in turf and can be very competitive, compromising preferred grasses.

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