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Signature Xtra Stressgard Systemic Turf Fungicide


Signature Xtra Stressgard Systemic Turf Fungicide

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Product Overview

An innovative Signature formulation with new and improved Stressgard Formulation Technology components and an optimized active ingredient that delivers improved disease control, plant health performance and application flexibility for the superintendent.

Key Features

// Improved preventative control of pythium and anthracnose
- Pythium root rot and pythium blight
- New formulation now controls anthracnose
- No documented reports of resistance development

// Enhanced Stressgard Formulation Technology for proven plant health effects
- Alleviates both abiotic and biotic stresses, proven in independent university trials
- Optimised formulation reduces oxidative stress

// Enhanced dispersable granule formulation with minimal dust in an HDPE bottle

// Flexible rate and spray interval structure

// Upwards and downwards systemic mobility in the plant

Key Benefits

// Healthy, uniform turf that is free from disease
- Turf is protected above and below ground from two of the most damaging diseases to highly maintained turf
- Trusted disease control with no known resistance after 30 years of use

// Improved turf health during periods of stress
- Healthier roots, leading to better water and nutrient utilisation
- Wilt protection
- Mitigation and recovery from wear stress and mechanical damage (eg. aeration, scalping)
- Improved turf colour, quality and density

// Greater application flexibility
- Tailor a program to location and season specific conditions, optimising resources

// Easier to use
- Easier to pour, mix and apply, with improved compatibility. Improved storage

// Flexible product placement
- Able to target protection of root diseases without the need for follow up irrigation
- Easy to schedule into foliar application program

Application Rates


Signature Xtra Stressgard has a range of application rates and interval ranges to give turf managers greater application flexibility and the ability to tailor an application program to disease pressures as influenced by geography, turf type and climatic conditions.

Select application rate and corresponding spray interval according to disease pressure and spraying schedule.
Refer to Disease Pressure under General Instructions.
Begin application when conditions first favour disease development and repeat application until conditions no longer favour disease.

Apply in 400 – 800 L water/ha.

Use & Safety

Where to use

Golf Turf

What to control


Application rates and delivery

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