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Seed Harvester Ant - Bayer Pest Control

Seed Harvester Ants are found throughout Australia | How to eradicate Seed Harvester Ants?

Species category: Ant
Scientific name: Pogonomyrmex barbatus

This species is usually red in colour and bears a resemblance to the fire ant but is not related to the fire ant species. The average size of a worker ant is 6mm; they are considered a large ant species.

Seed Harvester ants are found throughout Australia.

The nest tends to be deep underground and is often indicated by a small opening and a distinct lack of vegetation in the surrounding area. Due to a preference for grass seeds and exposed, open spaces, turf can be an ideal nesting spot.

Commonly also known as the Red Harvester Ant, this insect’s name derives from its preference for taking seeds into the nest and storing them. Seeds are their staple diet; they gain all nutrients from them and hoard them in great numbers. However, they will also eat other dead insects and spiders. An established colony can have 1000s of ants.

Worker ants forage for seeds each day, leaving a chemical trail that leads back to the nest.

Serious infestations can destroy turf, creating large uncovered patches with tale-tale collections of soil and tiny pebbles around the nest opening that are displaced by the workers during nest building. They also destroy grazing available for livestock.

The Seed Harvester Ant is not generally an aggressive insect but does have a powerful and painful sting that it administers when it perceives that the nest is in danger. Worker ants protect the entrance to the nest, as the nest itself will be deep underground.

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