Green Headed Ant

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Green Headed Ant - Bayer Pest Control
Green Headed Ant - How to eradicate Green Headed ants - The Green Headed Ant has a painful sting

Species category: Ant
Scientific name: Rhytidoponera metallica

One of the most common ant species in some parts of Australia, these pests have a dark, metallic colouration varying from a green-blue to a green-purple sheen. Typically, they reach 5-6mm in length and have a very distinctive square shaped single node on pedicel.

This species has a widespread distribution across Australia.

They are soil dwellers when nesting and can be found in urban as well as rural locations where they may inhabit woodlands, grasslands or even lawns.
Nests can also be found under rocks and logs.


An attractive insect with a metallic sheen, they are known for their sting, their nests can often go unnoticed until someone encounters them and gets stung.

These scavengers primarily hunt for proteins and oils. They are also predators of smaller insects and will happily live on the sweet sticky secretions of aphids and other sap sucking insects.

The Green-headed ant has a sting that can be painful and in some humans can cause an allergic reaction. Multiple stings could lead to anaphylactic shock.

Envu recommends using Maxforce Quantum Gel Bait or Antmaster liquid ant bait.

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