Mosquito Larva

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Mosquito Larva - Pest Control - Bayer
Species category: Flying pest
Scientific name: Culicidae larvae

Commonly referred to as “wigglers” or “wrigglers” as a result of how they move around. Mosquito larva sheds its skin 4 times (called instars). At the 4th stage, or instar, the larva measures approximately 10-15mm in length. After this stage it then becomes a ‘pupa’.

Found throughout Australia.

Females of most mosquito species look for pools of stagnant water, ponds or any receptacle that holds water to lay eggs. Eggs are laid individually or stuck together in rafts on or near the water’s edge as larvae development needs oxygen from the atmosphere.

Some larvae have a specific body part developed for breathing at the water’s edge, others remain submerged.

Larvae feed on organic material and a selection of aquatic organisms

Recommended Products:

Aqua K-Othrine (space-spraying) and Starycide Insect Growth Regulator.

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