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Pest Partner App Now Launched For Pest Controllers, Distributors And Homeowners

We have just launched a brand new and innovative Smartphone app, called the Pest Partner app, available now from the App Store and Google Play (FREE download).

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Fully customizable, the Pest Partner app is a global app, customized for each country, and then further customized for the intended users, e.g. professional pest controllers; distributors or homeowners.

This app replaces the Bug ID app that was designed specifically for homeowners. The Pest Partner app, however, allows users to register, and then based on their user profile, customizes its functionality accordingly.  For instance, once a professional pest controller registers with the app, he/she will be able to create a job report for his/her customers giving details of the treatment, products used, etc.  This report can be emailed directly to the customer from the app.

Another useful tool for pest controllers is the Dosage Calculator and Sprayer Configurator. The app allows you to add as many sprayers as you use, and then configurate them accordingly.  This will allow the use of the dosage calculator, to make it easier to work out exactly how much product you need to use.

Other useful tools within the app for pest controllers is the Weather Forecaster; Distributor Locator; and Product Information (e.g. SDS and Labels).

Distributors of our Professional Pest Management range of products will also find the Product Information tool handy.

For homeowners, the app not only gives them product information, but also lists the types of common household pests including descriptions, behaviours, risks, etc.  The app allows homeowners to contact an expert for advice, or to email a photo for identification purposes, and has an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

Daryle Swarz, Pest Market Manager said "In the case of nuisance pests, we advise homeowners to contact a professional pest control firm to eradicate the pests successfully and to ensure they do not return. We believe in an integrated approach to pest control, so we work closely with professional pest controllers to help them develop the best techniques."

"There’s a lot more to effective pest control than most people expect. Correct identification of the pest; awareness of any conditions which may be contributing to an infestation; and targeted use of the right products all play a role in keeping the pests under control," said Daryle.

We work closely with the professional pest control industry to develop innovative products and deliver high level training on the latest techniques. Its key brands include Temprid 75, Cislin® and Maxforce® for general pest control, and Premise® and Kordon® for protection against termites. 

Download the Pest Partner app now! 

To find out more information, reach out to our team.

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