Conversations with clients about pre-construction termite prevention

Prior to construction commencing, the expert and proven advice is that you and the builder have a discussion about the construction process, evaluating the best solutions for termite management, explaining how each pre-construction termite system works.

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When selecting a termite management system, decisions should not be determined by the cheapest price. These important decisions should be based on what is best suited for the project, reliability and coverage if something was to happen.

Physical termite management systems are designed to force foraging termites out of concealed entry points, into an area where once inspected, they can be found and treated. If there is a weakness in the system, or termites bridge around it, termites can then enter the property and cause damage. Kordon contains deltamethrin, which is designed to repel foraging termites. Repeated trials have shown that Kordon is effective at deterring concealed termite access for the life of the structure.

Kordon is more than just a termite system. Kordon has a comprehensive warranty structure, with the option to extend via the Protection Warranty, ensuring your clients have the option to be protected from termites for the life of the building. We have also a Helpline service to all Kordon homeowners. Remember, the homeowner should be informed that to be eligible for warranties they must have annual termite inspections.

It is the builder’s responsibility to have the termite management system installed. If a Kordon Termite System is chosen, it must be installed by an Envu Accredited Installer.

To construct a building that will last, pre-construction termite management systems are essential to get right in the planning stages.

Termites are an increasing problem in Australia. According to the CSIRO, more than 30 per cent or about 130,000 homes a year have some form of termite activity. Although termite infestations are higher in Queensland, termites can infest homes all over the country. Home builders in all Australian states and territories should actively consider having a Kordon Termite System installed.

Timber structures are used in countless projects. During and after construction a structure is susceptible to termite attack, once termites gain access to the nearest piece of timber undetected, given time, they can move through and eat everything, from the framework to the roof, weakening the whole property.

The easiest way to protect your projects from termite damage is to have a Kordon Termite System installed by an Envu accredited installer and to ensure the property owner is informed of their Envu warranty options.

Termites can cause some serious destruction to a property that can be both dangerous to those residing in the property as well as be very costly to repair. The Kordon Warranty Centre is committed to saving properties from termite attack.   Visit

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