Go Further With New Suspend Flexx Insecticide

Suspend®Flexx is a new, innovative general insecticide containing leading-edge patented Partix Technology. Scientifically-proven to maximise the active ingredient, this world-first technology allows the active to be more readily available on surfaces and enhances the efficacy and residual effectiveness.

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Unlike other general insecticides, Suspend® Flexx is not a capsule suspension, nor a micro-emulsion.  Its formulation is a matrix capsule that is larger than other micro caps. Suspend Flexx micro caps have a range of 15-30 μm, with the active (deltamethrin) concentrated up on the surface, not encapsulated inside.

Suspend Flexx can be used both indoors and outdoors and offers flexible application rates.  It can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial situations, as well as public buildings and structures, including farm buildings, meat works and poultry sheds.

Daryle Swarz, Pest Market Manager said “Outdoors, Suspend Flexx offers a truly “punchy” performance with enhanced residual.  It is excellent on bricks, mulch, render and concrete, due to this leading-edge technology making it adhere well to surfaces.  It’s flexibility with application rates, also means it’s great to use indoors too. You can dial in the perfect dose rate to match your service frequency, saving you dollars!”

Suspend Flexx can be used in sensitive food processing areas; as a regular maintenance service at low rates as well as high maintenance sites that require regular cleaning. A real benefit for PCOs is its flexible label, allowing for extremely low dose rates to be effective, thereby reducing their costs”, Daryle added.

// 10mL/L water (high rate): Use this rate for control of bedbugs and cat fleas and for the control of crawling and flying insects where a residual of at least 12 weeks is required under difficult conditions of high pest pressure or aggressive surfaces.

// 5mL/L water (standard rate): Use this rate for initial / cleanout control of cockroaches, ants, spiders, ticks and other crawling insects and for initial / cleanout control of house flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects where a residual of 12 weeks is required. Use this rate also for follow-up treatment against bed-bugs.

// 2.5mL/L water (maintenance rate): For maintenance control of crawling and flying insects where a residual of 6-8 weeks is required.

// 1.6mL/L water (low maintenance rate): For maintenance control of crawling and flying insects where a residual of 2-4 weeks is required.

With the dose rates listed, a personalised treatment can be achieved based on the level of infestation; treatment being carried out (based on insect); cost saving requirement; residual effectiveness required; low chemical application requirements for sensitive areas; and aggressive surfaces.

Suspend Flexx is available now at distributor outlets.  Pack size is 3L.

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Always read the label before use.

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