Corona Isolation May Increase The Risk Of Rodent Activity

Each winter, the risk of rodent infestation increases. However, during these unusual times, where businesses and commercial retail outlets may be closed, the risk of infestation may be higher.

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Rodent activity increases in COVID-19 isolation

Rodents are one of the most significant pests that a Professional Pest Manager has to deal with in Australia. Baiting, with anti-coagulant poisons is the most effective control method because it can ensure control of an entire rodent family and extended family.

Rodents are one of the world’s most successful pests because they can modify their behaviour to suit their environment, for example, if food is plentiful they will become quite selective, however, when food is scarce, rodents will change their behaviour and eat new food sources that are available.  Therefore, for Professional Pest Managers, if available food sources can be eliminated, rodents will take up the bait more readily and faster control will be achieved.


Mice are inquisitive creatures but rats, by nature are very suspicious, so sometimes changes to their environment will be treated cautiously by them.  Be patient, be smart and vary what you are doing.  Remember to eliminate other food sources and use secure baits.  If the weather is dry, liquid rodent baits should be considered as a part of your control armoury. 


An important aspect to remember when setting bait stations is that anti-coagulant baits are non-specific so non-target animals can be at risk.  This is not only relevant to domestic house pets, but to native wildlife as well.  Lockable, tamper-proof bait stations are best to prevent poisoning of non-target animals, however, if this is not possible, try securing the bait with wire or attach the bait to a secure beam so the rodent can’t carry it away. 


Another option is to use tracking powder introduced to the rodents environment and runways. Rodents are a very clean animal and will regularly groom themselves so powders etc that adhere to their fur will be removed and consumed readily.


Once poisoning has occurred and carcasses are present, it is very important for the Professional Pest Manager to remove any dead carcasses.  Regular bait checks should be carried out in commercial operations, as well.  Once the job is complete, and it is established that Rodents are no longer present, any remaining bait should be removed.


A rodent control program managed by a Professional Pest Manager should include the involvement and cooperation of the client.  Ideally, a map of the baiting area should be accessible to the client to enable regular checks and monitoring of the bait stations.


Finally, to ensure complete eradication of all rats, e.g. Black Rats, Norway Rats, Roof Rats etc. it is imperative that bait stations are not only placed on the ground but in the ceiling and on high shelves as well.  It is very common for bait stations to be placed where it is quick and easy for a Professional Pest Manager to check the bait during inspections, however, this may not necessarily be the best place for successful rodent control.


Anti-coagulant baits (such as Rodilon® Pro) are recommended for industrial, commercial and domestic situations.


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Always read the label before use.

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