Safety Information For Homeowners

Kordon® Termite System needs to be installed at your home by a registered Kordon Installer. Kordon is manufactured in Australia and is a licensed “Australian-Made” product. In the context of transport and greenhouse gas emissions associated with that, it therefore offers distinct advantages over other similar products which are imported from overseas.

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Environmentally safe and allergen free

Since its development, Kordon® has offered real advantages over traditional termite management practices.  The encapsulation of a chemical termiticide into a pre-fabricated physical sheet material means no exposure to the environment of soil applied termiticides.  This makes it ideal for environmentally sensitive sites requiring sustainable, ecologically responsible solutions.  Testing has shown that no allergens are generated from Kordon and thus it is an ideal choice for allergen-free housing.

The fact that Kordon has so frequently been the product of choice in many public buildings (e.g. schools, hospitals and other public buildings) is testimony to its excellent safety profile.

For the installer, no special protective clothing (PPE) or equipment is required.  Irritation to eyes and skin can occur.

A list of Kordon installers is available here.

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