New Look Starycide - No Change To Formulation

The Pest Management team at Envu would like to advise its partners, distributors and customers of a recent change in the appearance of its Starycide Insect Growth Regulator and reassure them there has been no impact to the formulation.

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For many years, Starycide® has had a light brown appearance, however a change in the supplier of one of the formulation inerts has brought about a colour change to the NEW grey. Envu can assure customers that the colour variation is within the product specification and that no other attributes have been affected.

Starycide still contains 48 g/L triflumuron in a suspension concentrate formulation. Starycide is a chitin synthesis inhibitor in insecticide mode of action group 15.

Daryle Swarz, National Sales and Marketing Manager (Pest Management) at Envu, said: “The new look Starycide appears to be a grey colour, rather than brown, however both colours have always been part of the product description (e.g. as described in the safety data sheet). I’d therefore like to reassure everyone that the new look Starycide is within specification and there has been no impact to the formulation”.

Starycide has a very selective mode of action which provides a high level of safety to higher order vertebrates (like mammals) and has very strong residual activity.  It also provides slow, selective, but inevitable population decline in target pests, such as Cockroaches, Fleas, Silverfish and Mosquito Larvae.  It is an ideal accompaniment to applications of synthetic pyrethroids which will provide a quick knockdown and kill of insect adults and nymphs.  Starycide is also HACCP-certified.

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