Let's introduce you to our General Insecticide - Temprid75

Temprid™ 75 is the most effective general insecticide for bed bug management that we’ve backed it with a performance guarantee. Learn more.

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Superior Residual Performance

Firstly, Temprid75 has outstanding residual performance. When applied correctly, it delivers control well beyond competitors. Bed Bugs are a cryptic pest and so, require lengthy residual action to control new hatchlings and newly introduced bugs. Temprid 75 delivers and has been shown to kill bed bug eggs and hatchling nymphs.

Effective Knockdown

Secondly, Temprid 75 has outstanding knock-down due to the synergy between the 2 active ingredients - one active enhances the potency of the other.

In the case of Temprid 75, imidacloprid over-stimulates the voltage sensitive sodium channels and then, beta-cyfluthrin binds preferentially to the activated channels, causing depolarization of the nerve. This enhanced potency quickly kills bed bugs, preventing off-site movement and really showing visual drop-in activity to your clients.

Eliminates Resistance

Thirdly, Temprid 75 uses 2 active ingredients from completely different chemical groups (3A & 4A). This dual action controls bed-bugs that may have developed resistant genes for one of the groups due to previous exposure or even natural selection.

The dual mode also minimises the onset of resistant populations as it’s highly unlikely that individual bugs will have natural resistance to both groups. Bed bugs are well known to be highly resistant to some chemistry, management of resistance is critical.

Proven Fast Action Results

Fourthly, Temprid 75 has delivered outstanding results in the field under real-time, high-pressure situations. Many products that are perfect in a laboratory don’t do well when trialled in real life conditions, the efficacy just isn’t there.

Temprid 75, applied in even the most challenging of circumstances, has consistently provided outstanding results well beyond the expectations of pest managers.

Broad Spectrum Control for Difficult Pests

Finally, Temprid 75 provides outstanding flexibility, proving to be highly efficacious at controlling not only bed bugs, German cockroaches, ants, fleas and spiders, but it is now registered for the control of Silverfish, Crickets, Mosquitoes, Flies, Millipedes, Paper Nest Wasps, Carpet Beetles, Clothes Moths, Skin & Hide Beetles and stored product pests.

It’s only the beginning for Temprid 75. We’ve only started to explore the benefits of this amazing chemistry, it may be that it becomes ‘the best’ general insecticide our market has ever known.

If you want to kill bedbugs; kill cockroaches; kill ants; kill spiders; etc. Temprid 75 is the general insecticide to use.

To find out more information, reach out to our team.

Always read the label before use.

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