Cislin is 30 years old!

Cislin® celebrates 30 years – an icon of the Australian Pest Management Industry

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Cislin 25 celebrating 30 years!

Cislin is a unique, successful and highly dependable brand in the Australian Pest Management industry, and has stood the test of time because of its consistent quality, reliability and simple value for money. Envu is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Cislin brand -- an impressive longevity that can be attributed to these key success factors.

Paul Conradt, Pest Market Manager at Envu, said “Consistent formulation quality and reliable performance has been a feature of the Cislin brand since it was introduced. Add to this a very high level of safety and you have the ideal general insect control product, which the industry has clearly recognised over this time period.

Cislin 25, the premium quality deltamethrin suspension concentrate came to market in 2009, improving the product even further by offering pest controllers more compact packaging and easier measuring. As with its predecessor, Cislin 25 also offered the same broad level of activity and residual performance, high level of safety and formulation quality second-to-none.

Mr. Conradt added “Cislin is effective on a wide range of pests; on a range of surface types; both inside and outside; and is also registered for application to mattresses. Because of its broad spectrum of activity and consistent quality and reliability, the product has a loyal following amongst professional pest controllers.”

“To help celebrate Cislin’s 30th birthday, we are offering our customers a special deal during the months of June and July. When they purchase 1L of Cislin 25 they will receive $5 off another envu product purchased in the same transaction. Or, if they purchase 5L of Cislin 25 they will receive $25 off another Envu product purchased in the same transaction, from our Professional Pest Management range of products”, Paul said.

Deltamethrin, the active ingredient in Cislin (25g/L), is a synthetic derivative of the natural insecticide pyrethrum. It has a very high level of safety at approved use rates and has a number of important uses worldwide. It is one of the main compounds used in the fight again malaria-carrying-mosquitoes (both as an indoor spray but also for the treatment of mosquito bed-nets). In fact Cislin is approved for use in the treatment of mosquito bed-nets.

Deltamethrin affects a specific area of the insect’s nervous system. Insects are much more susceptible to deltamethrin than humans, other mammals and birds.

Mr. Conradt said “Deltamethrin is safe to use in the home around family and pets as it binds tightly to surfaces where it is applied, and is not readily dislodged. It is not volatile, so no airborne residues are generated after spray droplets have settled. Studies carried out by envu have proven this. Cislin is also approved for use in food processing establishments (e.g. kitchens – HACCP approved) and meat processing establishments (AQIS declaration). As a matter of good practice, it is recommended to vacate the premises whilst the pest manager applies Cislin though, and re-enter once spray deposits are dried (usually after a few hours). Deltamethrin is not carcinogenic, mutagenic or teratogenic. There are no long term adverse effects expected from working or residing in treated areas”, he added.

Target pests include cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas, bedbugs, mosquitoes, flies, silverfish, cloths moths, and so on.

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The iconic Cislin Professional Insecticide – celebrating 30 years as a proven performer in Australia’s Professional Pest Management industry.

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