Funnel Ant

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Funnel Ant - Bayer Pest Control
Funnel Ants can be found throughout Australia | How to eradicate Funnel Ants

Species category: Ant
Scientific name: Aphaenogaster spp.

This ant species is a tan-brownish colour and can reach up to 5mm in length when it reaches adulthood.

They are widespread throughout Australia.

Funnel ants live outdoors and particularly favour open ground and turf to burrow and create the funnels to their nest.
They can also reside in urban areas and in forests.


Funnel ants produce unsightly mounds in fairways and greens surrounds, disturbing the soil structure.

This species are omnivores, they can eat proteins and will occasionally eat sugars from natural sources. They are excellent scavengers but the funnel they create acts as a trap which other insects fall into and will struggle to get out of before being attacked by this ant.

This ant detracts from the appearance of the turf by creating large holes and causing bare patches to appear after mowing.

The tunnels built underground are extensive. Displacement of soil can be a huge problem in the presence of these pests; the structure of the soil is weakened and can collapse creating an uneven playing field.

Funnel ants can also be aggressive when defending the nest and do have the ability to sting.

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