Indooroopilly Golf Club: Back 9 Challenge

In 2014, we ran Back 9 Challenge as a large scale demonstration program. Find out how Indooroopilly Golf Club deals with Crowsfoot grass on their Couch Grass.

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In 2014, we ran Back 9 Challenge as a large scale demonstration program. Indooroopilly Golf Club was one of five golf clubs that participated.  

Indooroopilly Golf Club is a 36-hole parkland golf course on the Brisbane River. The course has couch grass (Bermuda grass) from tee to green. The ERI diseases are a common problem on Couch Grass and they are concern at Indooroopilly Golf Club. Being in the sub-tropical area Crowsfoot Grass is a common weed problem.

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Superintendent Charlie Giffard discussing challenges in managing Indooroopilly Golf Club in Brisbane.  Charlie retired from Indooroopilly Golf Club in 2019 and is currently the Grow-In Superintendent for McMahons Golf.

Date Area (Ha) Disease/Pest/Weed Products Envu Suggestion
Greens 0.5      
    Take-all, ERI, Helmo, Dollar Spot Iprodione Interface®
    Take-all, ERI, Helmo, Dollar Spot, Spring Dead Spot Headway Signature+
    Crowsfoot   Tribute

Weather Updated

07 Apr 2014


At Indooroopilly Golf Club autumn has seen average temperatures increase in the range in which they are fluctuating. In March maximum temperatures have fluctuated between 25 and 33°C. While minimums at night have been in the 18-24°C range. Rainfall in March was 164mm mainly due to one significant rainfall event.

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