Two New Turf Products Launched In Australia: Specticle And Reserve Stressgard 

Specticle® is a new and innovative herbicide for warm-season turf that sets a new standard for pre-emergent weed control. It provides up to 8 months of pre-emergent control in warm-season grasses. Delivering an exceptional level of protection against Poa Annua, Crowsfoot Grass and Summer Grass, and unmatched use flexibility with a wide application window, Specticle is a great choice as the foundation of your herbicide program.

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James Royal, Turf Market Manager says:

“It’s highly evident that Australian turf managers are facing extreme challenges in managing tough weeds like Poa Annua and also Crowsfoot grass with existing options. With Specticle’s superior level of control, longer residual and unmatched application flexibility, the Envu team are very excited about the role Specticle can play to enable turf managers to restore effective, efficient and sustainable weed control programs.”


Specticle® is a suspension concentrate formulation containing 200 grams per litre of the active ingredient indaziflam. 

Indaziflam is in the alkylazine chemical family and is the first Group O herbicide available to Australian turf managers to control key grass weeds in established turf. Being a new mode of action, Specticlecontrols weeds, like Poa Annua, that are known to develop resistance to other commonly used herbicides. This makes it one of the most effective tools in any turf manager’s arsenal.

Specticle is available in a 1 litre pack at distributor outlets now.

Reserve® StressGard®

In addition, we have also launched a new turf fungicide, Reserve StressGard

Reserve StressGardTurf Fungicide is a contact and protectant fungicide for the control of fungal diseases in turf. With the added benefit of StressGardFormulation Technology, Reserve StressGardunlocks the full potential of a disease management program with Signature and Interface StressGard.

StressGard Formulation Technology, is composed of active ingredients, inert ingredients and Envu’s advanced formulation technology which combine to improve the ability of Envu fungicides to deliver excellent turf quality above and beyond disease control.

Fungicides formulated with StressGard are proven to give outstanding disease control while alleviating plant stresses, ultimately improving turf quality, density, colour and playability.  That’s because Envu StressGard fungicides have stacked technologies:

  • Fungicide activity
  • Colour enhancement
  • Selective radiation management
  • Photosynthesis enhancement
  • Plant defence induction
  • Summer turf safety

Reserve StressGard contains 720g/L chlorothalonil is available now at your distribution outlet in 10L containers.

To find out more information, reach out to our team.

Always read the label before use.

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