K-Obiol Training – Eastern States of Australia QLD, NT, NSW, ACT, VIC & SA End Users

This training is designed to support our growers and users of K-Obiol® for all states excluding western Australia.

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To support the industry and ensure K-Obiol® is used correctly, and limit the risk from overuse or double application, Envu has designed training for intending users.

GRAIN GROWERS who are storing grain on farm and wish to use K-Obiol must complete the online training.

The training program will take about 15-30 minutes to complete and at the end are a series of questions you are required to answer to ensure you understand the training.

Before you start, we recommend you have a pen and paper and a calculator readyIt is also suggested you print a copy of the K-Obiol® label and Safety Data Sheet. Please click here to visit the K-Obiol Product Page.

Please submit your details in the below form to access the K-Obiol training.

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Always read the label before use. 


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