Method 240 SL Giving You The Power To Control Even The Worst Woody Weeds

With the introduction of Method® 240 SL herbicide into the Australian market, we discuss the trial outcomes of this new product and its efficacy on several weeds of national significance, providing both post and pre-emergent activity.

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A large part of the temperate region in Australia lies within the south-eastern corner and is distinguished by cool winters and warm summers. These conditions provide suitable growing conditions for a range of invasive herbaceous, woody and broadleaf weeds.

Several weeds of national significance (WONS) exist in temperate Australia, including African Boxthorn, Blackberry, Broom and Gorse.  When land is infested with these weeds it can negatively influence its productivity and environmental value. There are legal obligations for landowners and managers to not spread and to control weeds that are declared ‘WONS’ which are federal government priorities for management.  (

Non-crop areas such conservation zones and open rangeland require various application options include spot spraying, basal bark treatment, cut stump application or trunk injection.

Jyri Kaapro, Senior Development Specialist at Envu has been running research trials in Australia with Method 240 SL since 2018. “Method contains the active ingredient aminocyclopyrachlor which we often shorten to ACP. It is highly efficacious and effective herbicide for the management of many difficult to control weeds”, he said.

Treatment can take place at various growth stages whilst actively growing and application rates are flexible depending on the extent of the infestation. Additionally, Method 240 SL is compatible with a variety of herbicides giving you the power and flexibility to tailor your mix to your specific needs.

Providing both post and pre-emergent activity, Method 240 SL provides initial control and follow-up treatment in the one application. This has proven very important for ongoing control of the weed seed bank, particularly after seasonal rain events.

Method 240 SL is an unscheduled herbicide in Australia. A stewardship training package suitable for land managers and applicators is also provided by Envu, that covers the application constraints, considerations and best practice principals and guidance for new and experienced applicators can be found here.

Envu Vegetation Management are committed to providing highly effective, flexible products that provide you with the power to reclaim the land. To find out more information, reach out to our team.

Always read the label before use.

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