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Interface® with Stressgard Formulation Technology is a new generation turf fungicide which delivers thorough disease control leading to visibly healthier turf.

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Interface® with Stressgard Formulation Technology is a new generation turf fungicide which delivers thorough disease control leading to visibly healthier turf.

Envu’s mission is to support Turf Managers in their quest to deliver the ultimate playing experience.

This means controlling turf disease, managing turf stress and maintaining turf quality. Envu has led the way for over 30 years, building on the strengths of market defining products and we continue to research, develop and test new innovations.

The science behind healthy turf

StressGard Formulation Technology (FT) is composed of active ingredients, inert ingredients and Envu’s advanced formulation technology which combine to improve the ability of Envu fungicides to deliver excellent turf quality above and beyond disease control. Envu fungicides formulated with Stressgard FT are proven to give outstanding disease control while alleviating plant stresses, ultimately improving turf quality, density, colour and playability.


Feature Benefit
Unsurpassed, long lasting control of 6 key turf diseases Maintain a high-quality surface by effectively controlling disease first time round
Contains the latest innovation in Stressgard formulation technology Stronger turf and optimal playing conditions even through high stress periods
Outstanding turf safety and no DMI growth regulatory effects Flexibility to apply any time of year under any conditions, especially during peak summer stress and when PGR programs are in place
Unique combination of contact and mesostemic action to prevent, cure and eradicate disease A versatile product that can be relied on to perform at any stage of the disease cycle
Controls disease for up to 28 days when applied preventatively in 20–60 L water Build stronger disease control programs with no gaps during high-risk disease periods

Diseases Controlled

  • Dollar Spot
  • Brown Patch
  • Fusarium Patch
  • Helminthosporium
  • Rust
  • Grey Leaf Spot

Areas of use

Golf and bowling greens; recreational turf; racetracks and other intensively managed turf.

interfacestressgard interfacestressgard

Best practice guidelines

  • Application rate of 12.5 litres per hectare.
  • Apply in sufficient water to achieve good coverage. When targeting Brown Patch apply in higher water volume or follow with sufficient irrigation to wash into the crown and upper root zone.
  • For best results, apply just before or at the first signs of disease to prevent scarring.
  • To maximise the turf health response, apply Stressgard FT products as part of a planned summer fungicide program, commencing at least 1 month prior to the expected onset of high stress conditions.
  • Interface Stressgard can be used in summer for Dollar Spot and Brown Patch control without risk of negative DMI turf growth effects.
  • For preventative control, apply on a 21–28 day interval. For curative control apply on a 14–21 day interval.
  • Interface Stressgard controls spring and autumn diseases like helminthosporium and fusarium.
  • Interface Stressgard has multiple modes of action to manage fungicide-resistant plant pathogens.

Product Profile

Active Ingredient: Iprodione and Trifloxystrobin
Chemical Group: Group 2 (Dicarboximide) and Group 11 (Qol)
Formulation Type: Suspension Concentrate
Pack sizes available: 5 L

Product safety

Personal Protective Equipment required: When opening the container, mixing and loading and preparing spray and using prepared spray, wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist and elbow length chemical resistant gloves. When using prepared spray by low pressure hand wand, wear cotton overalls, over normal clothing, buttoned to the neck and wrist and a washable hat and elbow-length chemical resistant gloves.

Regulatory information

All pesticides are regulated under the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Act to ensure that they do not pose an unacceptable risk to human health and the environment. For information regarding pesticide regulatory process please visit the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority website at

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Always read the label before use.

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