Water Spray Volumes and Droplet Size

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25 November 2016
By: Jyri Kaapro

Many turf professionals apply products at the same spray volume with the same nozzles application after application, regardless of the product used. To limit interference with golfers, spray volumes are determined to limit tank refills and changing nozzles requires additional time. However, spray volume and droplet size, can dramatically affect efficacy of products.

Following is a table outlining general guidelines for nozzles and spray volume for each type of product applied. Always follow label directions.

Product Spray volume Droplet
Fairway/Rough/ Sportsfields
Systemic Herbicides: Spearhead, Tribute, Destiny 400–600 200–400 Medium to fine Need to keep AI on the foliage
Soil-Applied Products:
PRE herbicides, scarab insecticides, fungicides for soil borne-diseases (ERI, fairy ring, Spring Dead Spot, etc.)
600–800+ 400–800 Coarse Must move AI past the foliage. Follow with watering-in to further move AI down in to the soil
Contact Fungicides:
Reserve Stressgard
600–800 400–800 Medium to fine Good coverage is needed since AI won’t move within plant.
Systemic Fungicides for Foliar Diseases
Dedicate, Interface, Bayfidan
600–800 200–400 Medium to fine Insure AI remains on the leaf. Use higher spray volume for diseases lower in the plant like anthracnose basal rot.


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