Turf Programs At Adelaide Oval

Damian Hough, Head Curator at the iconic Adelaide Oval discusses the turf programs for the main arena, practice areas and second ground.

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As of Oct 4th 2022, the Environmental Science division of Bayer was divested and transferred to Envu. Note that this content was produced prior to separation.

Damian Hough, Head Curator at the Adelaide Oval, an iconic outdoor venue for sports and concerts, faces the challenge of managing its multi-purpose surface. Damien leads a team of nine that handles the maintenance of not only the main arena but also the practice area and second ground. The turf requires careful management due to the high traffic from cricket, AFL, and concerts.

The timeline between the end of cricket and the start of an AFL match is tight, with only 11 days for preparation while hosting a concert requires quick changes and the replacement of damaged turf. Despite the challenges, Damien and his team aim to maintain the best possible playing surface for all events. Watch the video to learn more.

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