Tribute + Destiny = A synergistic combination to enhance weed control in turf

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The combination of Tribute + Destiny in a tank mix has been used by a number of end users in recent seasons. The results of the combination have been fantastic. Below are some pictures of some results on hard to kill Wintergrass bio-types using the combination of Tribute + Destiny in Victoria.

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Tribute Herbicide Destiny Herbicide

Tribute is a dependable selective grass weed herbicide based on the active ingredient foramsulfuron.

Tribute has a unique fit in the Australian Turf Market due to its excellent broad spectrum grass weed control properties, being registered to remove the following problematic weeds from Couch and Zoysia turf surfaces;

  • Crowsfoot Grass (best on pre-tillered plants)
  • Winter Grass
  • Ryegrass
  • Goose Grass
  • Paspalum spp. (Multiple applications required to maximise the result)
  • Kikuyu (Suppression).

Destiny® is a dependable selective turf herbicide based on the active ingredient iodosulfuron methyl. Destiny has a unique fit due to its excellent safety profile on the 3 most important warm season turfgrasses used in the Australian marketplace – Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu.

Destiny controls a broad range of both grassy and broadleaf weed species. The impressive list of weeds Destiny is registered to controls is as follows;

  • Ryegrass
  • Guildford grass (Onion grass)
  • Common Broadleaf weeds including; White Clover, Bindii, Black Thistle, Cats Ear, Cotula, Cudweed, Medic, Mouse Ear Chickweed.
  • Difficult to control Broadleaf Weeds including: Creeping Oxalis, Onion Weed / False Onion Weed.
  • Bahiagrass (suppression of seedhead as well as gradual kill)
  • Wintergrass (suppression)

Their Modes of Action

Both Iodosulfuron methyl and formsulfuron belong to the Sulfonylurea class of chemistry and are group B herbicides. The primary biochemical target site of iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium and foramsulfuron is the enzyme acetolactate synthase (ALS). ALS is a key enzyme in the production of branched chain amino acids, which are critical for protein synthesis and normal plant growth. The visible signs of herbicidal action after post-emergence application of these herbicides are an almost immediate cessation of growth, followed by leaf yellowing, inhibition of anthocyanin production (leading to a reddish coloration of weed leaves), and finally, progressive shoot death. Depending on the weed species and environmental conditions, plant death will usually occur between three – six weeks after herbicide application.

Spectrum of Control is Maximized with Tribute + Destiny

The combination of Tribute and Destiny maximises the spectrum of control achieved. Apart from all the weeds that are mentioned above, we are seeing some excellent results on the combination of Destiny and Tribute on other difficult to control weed species. This includes weeds such as follows;

  • Liverseed Grass (Urochloa spp.)
  • Wiregrass (Eragrostis curvula)
  • Parramatta Grass (Sporobolus africanus)
  • Barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crusgali)
  • Pigeongrass (Setaria spp.)
  • Panicum spp.

Based on recent results, envu is now undertaking additional trial work with Destiny and Tribute on the above weeds, and will be looking to add these weeds to the label in future seasons.

Proven Synergistic effects of the mixture in other Crops

The mixture of Tribute and Destiny is well established in other crops. In Maize, the mixture of Iodosulfuron and Foramsulfuron is used to provide extensive post emergent control of a number of problematic weeds including;  Barnyardgrass, Pigeongrass, Johnsongrass, Panicum spp, Wintergrass and a range of broadleaf weeds. In Maize they talk about the synergistic effects of Tribute & Destiny when used in combination. They say that even when Destiny is used at very low rates (5g/ha) in combination with Tribute a synergy occurs and certain weeds are controlled at levels not provided by either compound applied alone. This synergistic effect is patented in the US market.

The envu Field Trial Update – Synergistic Results Quantified on Turf

The 4th document (attached to download below) is a field trial update from Envu in 2012. The results showed that a combination of Destiny at the full rate of 150g and a low rate of Tribute (0.5L) gave the fastest and best ryegrass control over a range of products in the trial. This further highlights the potential synergies that can be gained from using a combination of Tribute & Destiny.

Importance of the Adjuvant

The use of a quality adjuvant such as Hasten is important in maximising performance with the Tribute / Destiny mixture. A rate of 500mL/100L of water is critical in maximising uptake into the plant and delivering the performance you expect from the 2 products. Hasten is a unique spray adjuvant containing the a blend of vegetable oils and non ionic surfactants. When Hasten is mixed with Tribute and Destiny and applied to the target weeds, the non-ionic surfactants help to retain and improve the contact of the spray droplet on the plant. The esterified oil is an excellent penetrating agent through waxy surfaces such as those of hard to kill grass weeds.


The results we have seen of the mixture in turf have been very encouraging. The rates most turf managers are using is Tribute at 2L/ha with Destiny at 25-50g/ha. Further research will continue into this mixture for use in extending grass weed control spectrum in future seasons. For more information on the product or assistance with weed identification, please call  Jyri Kaapro on 0409 942 513.


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