New South Wales Golf Club: Ninja Tines Green Aeration

NSW Golf Club Course Superintendent Gary Dempsey discusses the use of Ninja Tines to improve the health of his greens.

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Gary Dempsey, Course Superintendent at New South Wales Golf Club in La Perouse has found success in improving the health of their greens using Ninja Tines. These specialized tines are made of high-quality Japanese steel and are designed to remove mat and thatch from the greens with minimal disruption.

Superintendents across the industry have embraced this technique, with over 2000 Ninja Tines sold and some buyers purchasing over 300 at a time. The tines are compatible with various machines, such as Toro ProCore, and their lifespan depends on usage. Despite the cost, the positive impact on greens' health makes the investment worthwhile. Watch the video to learn more.

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*Disclaimer: As of Oct 4th 2022, the Environmental Science division of Envu was divested. Note that this content was produced prior to separation.