Native Plant Management At Shepparton Golf Club

Superintendent Bill Daunt discusses how he manages and protects the native plants and trees around the course with the help of his team of dedicated volunteers.

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As of Oct 4th 2022, the Environmental Science division of Bayer was divested and transferred to Envu. Note that this content was produced prior to separation.

Bill Daunt, Superintendent at The Shepparton Golf Club in Victoria talks about the work that goes into managing the native plants and trees around the course. To accomplish this task, Bill heavily relies on the club's dedicated group of volunteers to assist with various duties around the course.

One of the key responsibilities of the volunteers is the tree watering program, as they plant around 50 trees each year and rely on the volunteers to keep them alive. The club has also made efforts to conserve the local environment by planting several hundred Silver Banksia trees, an endangered species in the area. Watch the video to find out more.

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