Bunker Construction At Cypress Lakes

Follow Superintendent Craig Molloy as he shares his experiences on the challenges faced while recreating the bunkers at Cypress Lakes Resort.

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As of Oct 4th 2022, the Environmental Science division of Bayer was divested and transferred to Envu. Note that this content was produced prior to separation.

During the 2015 storms all the bunkers at Cypress Lakes Resorts in New South Wales were contaminated. In 2016, Superintendent Craig Molloy and his team started a 16-week project to rework and recreate all the 96 bunkers on the 18-hole championship golf course. Like all golf courses in this region of Australia, the turf grass used is Couch Grass on all turf surfaces. Watch the video to learn more.
(Update: Craig Molloy left Cypress Lakes in 2022 and is now the Superintendent at Barwon Heads Golf Club. Joshua Willard is the Superintendent at Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort.)


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