Interface Stressgard Turf Fungicide Launched In Australia

A new generation turf fungicide Interface® with StressGard™ Formulation Technology has just been launched in Australia.

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Interface®StressGard® delivers thorough disease control leading to visibly healthier turf.  Jyri Kaapro, Research Manager, said “We have launched this new innovative turf fungicide to support Golf Superintendents and Turf Managers in their quest to deliver the ultimate playing experience.  This means controlling turf disease, managing turf stress and maintaining turf quality.”

Interface with StressGard Technology delivers unsurpassed disease control and long-lasting protection against 6 key turf diseases (Dollar Spot; Brown Patch; Fusarium Patch; Helminthosporium; Rust and Grey Leaf Spot) leading to visibly healthier turf. 

Interface can be used on closely mown, professional and recreational turf surfaces, e.g. golf greens, professional sports grounds, racetracks, bowling greens, pitches and lawn tennis courts throughout the year.

Jyri said “Apply Interface during the spring/summer/autumn when turf is actively growing; during the winter when turf is slow growing or near dormant, or at times of increased disease stress”. “For best results, apply just before or at the first signs of disease to prevent scarring”, he added.

Interface has multiple modes of action to manage fungicide-resistant plant pathogens. StressGard Formulation Technology is contained in Interface for plant health promotion effects, summer stress reduction, UV radiation management, and improved turf colour and density.

StressGard Formulation Technology is uniquely designed for turf management. Backed by more than 15 years of research and development and has been specifically designed for turf.  It is our most advanced turf formulation yet. The formulation has been fine tuned to upgrade the performance of the product, providing superior disease control leading to visibly healthier turf.

StressGard Formulation Technology helps the plant to thrive under disease stress conditions.

Interface StressGard can be used at any stage of the disease cycle and at any time of the year offering flexibility and convenience.  The two active ingredients are Iprodione and Trifloxystrobin. 

Interface StressGard is now available at distributor outlets in a 5L pack size.

To find out more information, reach out to our team.

Always read the label before use.

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