Dedicate Fungicide Now Registered For Ornamental Use

DedicateĀ® is now registered for ornamental use, as well as turf. The newly registered name is Dedicate Turf and Ornamental Fungicide.

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In addition, an extension to the label to vary application water rates to allow for application at lower volumes when targeting foliar disease infection in turf has also been approved.

James Royal, Turf Market Manager, said “Since its launch in 2009, Dedicate® has became reknowned for its reliable and effective broad spectrum disease control, as well as its safety on intensively managed turf such as golf greens and bowling greens. In 2011, we invested in trials to secure a label claim for Spring Dead Spot control, taking the total number of turf diseases controlled to 10. The recent addition of 8 ornamental disease control claims and improved spray volume guidance for turf, reinforces Dedicate as one of the most versatile and user-friendly products available to turf managers.

James added “Replicated trials carried out with the Dedicate formulation have shown that once the spray application of Dedicate has dried on the leaf surface, rainfall will not interfere with its ability to control disease, due to unique formulation properties and the combined contact action and systemic properties of the active ingredients”, he said.

The benefits of Dedicate include:

  • Peace of mind from the proven safety and reliability of the Dedicateformulation.
  • New flexible spay volume guidance for turf.
  • One product can be used on both turf and labelled ornamentals.
  • Contains two active ingredients with two different modes of action.
  • Proven rain fastness within 1 hour of application.
  • Low dose, liquid concentrate.
  • A perfect partner for a disease (resistance) management program.

Labelled diseases for ornamental use include Azalea Petal Blight; White Rust; Rust; and Powdery Mildews. Dedicate can be used now for ornamental plants and trees, in addition to its uses for turf.

Dedicate continues to be available in a 1 litre pack through our national network of turf agents. 

To find out more information, reach out to our team.

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