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Fast Facts About Termites:

  • An annual termite inspection of your home and property is recommended by Envu.  A qualified professional can detect bridging of barriers by termites.  
  • Termites have been around for about 150 million years.
  • Australia has more than 300 species of termites.  About 15 species can attack your home.
  • Termites view the timber in your home and furniture as a food source.
  • Termites build protective mud tubes up brickwork or around physical barriers to gain access to food - the timber your home is constructed with.
  • Even the most effective termite barriers have been known to be bridged by termites.  That is why an annual termite inspection is recommended.
  • Termites can literally eat you out of house and home.

Envu's Premise 200SC is a soil-applied liquid termiticide (active ingredient: Imidacloprid).  Call a Premise Professional


In addition to a liquid termiticide, Envu also offers a physical Termite Barrier System called Agenda.  The Agenda Termite Barrier System consists of a termite bait, and both on-ground and in-ground bait stations.  Click here to learn more.  The Agenda Termite Baiting System can be used in conjunction to Premise, and must be installed by a Professional Pest Controller.  Call a Premise Professional.

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